Zuzalu is a first-of-its-kind pop-up city community inMontenegro, from March 25 to May 25, 2023.

There will be about 200 core residents brought together by a shared desire to learn, create, live longer and healthier lives, and build self-sustaining communities.

Zuzalu will also host a variety of events on topics like synthetic biology, technology for privacy, public goods, longevity, governance and more.

Join us!

There are many ways to participate in Zuzalu.

Check out our notion

and our announcement telegram channel.


Zuzalu will be full of opportunities to learn, from themed events to informal reading groups - think of it like a campus with a 10% course load, where you can walk around and have a fascinating conversation with anyone.

Be Healthy

Easily keep a healthy lifestyle by default, with healthy food available, accountability buddies for healthy habits, group workouts and biohacking trials and experimentation.

Reimagine Aging

Advances in aging research are being translated into medicine, in clinical trials. We will dive into biotech to bring aging under medical control, and into medical innovation jurisdictions to enable better regulatory pathways for innovating in longevity therapeutics.


We’re creating a meta-hackathon while at Zuzalu. Help us imagine, build and test tools and infrastructure that optimize for community members to collaborate and self-organize.

Build Community

At Zuzalu we hope you feel ownership of what you’re helping create and help build the city you’d love to live in. We encourage attendees to take responsibility for their experience and the experience of others, and foster a spirit of interdependence within the community, to the extent that you are comfortable with.

Staying safe at Zuzalu

Staying safe and respecting consent are important values in our community. We want to ensure that everyone feels comfortable and secure. To achieve this, we ask that everyone follows some simple guidelines →

  • Always ask for consent before engaging in any physical contact or taking photos
  • Be mindful of personal boundaries and respect the wishes of others
  • If you see or experience anything that makes you feel uncomfortable,
  • If you see or experience anything that makes you feel uncomfortable, please speak up and report it to support@zuzalu.org immediately

Zuzalu Montenegro 2023